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All About Us…
USA Today says publishers aim to strike gold by using the B-word in book title after book title. more

Still More Highs for Manic Beatles Fans...
Look for the Beatles, one of the Boomers' favorite bands, to have all their tunes put online as a result of a deal forged with the makers of the iPod. more

The piercing sound of an inside-the-Beltway alarm...
The chairman of the Federal Reserve says the right time to reform Social Security and Medicare has come and gone. more

The Gray, the Proud, the Active….
A seniors’ rights organization called the Gray Panthers is listing some 28,000 members in more than two dozen local networks across the nation... more


Boomer Trivia - Then and Now

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Boomer Beat Music - New and Old

Mario   Mario Olivares
and The Boomer Show Band. Seasoned with Latin salsa and the southwest at its best.

Brian Christie   Brian Christie
Host of The Boomer Show. The ultimate entertainer.
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