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Audience Surveys

Boomer Audience Survey #1

What is on Boomers' Minds Right Now

1) How will I support myself and continue to work/ Who will hire me?
2) When should I retire
3) Where should I live
4) Can I afford to travel
5) What kind of car should I drive
6) Who will love me
7) What does this all mean
8) How can I afford out-of-control Healthcare on a limited budget
9) Will the government cut back or tax my Social Security
10) How can I leave a legacy

Boomer Audience Survey #2

Top Ten Boomer Worries

1) Will I have enough money to retire?
2) I’m concerned about my financial health in general
3) Will I have enough energy to have a good quality of life?
4) Will I be able to keep up with my kids and grand-kids?
5) How will I be able to afford health care
6) How can I prevent disease
7) How can I keep my job?
8) Caring for elderly parents
9) Supporting kids
10) Establishing and maintaining good family relationships


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