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Mario Olivares

The Boomer Show Band — The Mario Olivares Band

Mario Olivares
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Mario Olivares and his band play music that is described as "Latin World Guitar400

." Mario's guitar sound is a mixture of Latin Jazz and romantic boleros, a touch of flamenco melodies with the foundation and beauty of the Spanish classical guitar. Mario's group has been a top musical draw in Southern California for the past years.

The band has performed in San Diego on Fox-6, KUSI-TV, and on KNBC television for numerous benefits. Some of Mario's corporate clients have included the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center-Los Angeles, San Diego Chargers, KLRN Public Television- San Antonio, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Mario has performed as the opening musical act for comedian and actor, Paul Rodriguez.

Mario's music has been decribed as timeless and romantic. That is why they have been called "San Diego's Most Romantic Band" and most recently the "Sound of San Diego." "Mario's ability to produce 'clean' tones on the guitar continues to be the Olivares 'signature' and that is why his recordings are world class."

For the "Boomer Show", Mario's versatility can be heard as he and his band transition from the Spanish sound to electric guitars and "rock and roll." Mario Olivares and the "Boomer Show" band members include Neftaly Rojas, piano, Rene Tornero, electric guitar, Mark Sevilla, bass guitar and David Brown, drums.

Mario Mario
Mario Olivares Band

Band Members
J. Machan—Bass
David Brown—Drums
Mario Olivares—Guitars
Mikey Manglicmot—Percussion, Congas
Mark Sevilla—Guitar
William Rosales

Located in San Diego, Mario Olivares and his Latin spice band incorporate a sophisticated Southwest style with a rich pulse of Flamenco and Salsa.

Now Playing:

Summer Fiesta
(from Waterfall CD)

Sueños de Amore

Sueños de Amore

Mario's latest album, Sueños de Amor, features beautiful music ranging from Latin Jazz to Tango rhythms. Listen and you'll know why Mario's music is so special!

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Summer Fiesta  (mp3)
Ocho Mambo  (mp3)

The soft melodies of Waterfall will captivate and charm you. Relax and enjoy, as the music takes you away.

Buy CD coming soon
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